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2015-05-21, 09:00:35

10 endroits pour observer les animaux en Mauricie : ours, bisons, (...)

J'adore les animaux! Observer la faune et surtout avoir la Suite )


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CLD Des Chenaux

I have a secret…Des Chenaux is a feast for all five senses! Take a look around at the serenely bucolic landscapes, ribbons of farmland with hills and furrows, bison and wapitis grazing in the fields. Admire the historic churches and ancestral home... Next

L'Aventurier du Gouin

Close by the Gouin Reservoir, L’Aventurier outfitters offers outdoors enthusiasts a quality of walleye and pike fishing that is unbeatable. We are located on a peninsula far from forest roads, and ou... Next

Pourvoirie du Barrage Gouin & Magnan

With our well maintained and clearly signposted forest roads, you can get here without the need for an all-terrain vehicle. Also, our new landing strip and water installations make access by either conventional aircraft or floatplane... Next

Access to the region and road conditions

Road Network Bus Train Plane and International Airports Road Conditions (Transport Québec) Road Network The main access roads to the "La Mauricie" region are highways 40 and 55 (Autoroutes) as well as provincials... Next

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