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2015-05-29, 10:33:37

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The Legend of the Grand-Mère Rock

Once upon a time, a great Amerindian chief lived in our region. One day, his only daughter fell in love with an adventurer in the tribe. The father said they could marry on one condition: the young man had to bring him a canoe full of quality furs. On a rock in the middle of the waterfall, the lovers promised to be faithful to each other no matter what. Then the young brave set out on his big hunting trip. He never came back.

His fiancée waited her whole life for him to return. When she was an old woman, she begged the Great Spirit to leave her lover a sign of farewell. After she died, a huge bolt of lightning struck the rock in the middle of the falls, carving the face of an old Amerindian gazing forever into the distance.

This is why the Algonquins called this waterfall Kokomis, meaning “your grandmother”; hence the name of the town of Grand-Mère founded in 1898. Fifteen years later, the rock was transported to a municipal park to make way for a hydroelectric dam. If you ever come to Grand-Mère, you can admire it between 5th and 6th avenues.

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