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2015-03-20, 13:34:56

Chocolaterie en Mauricie : Véniel Fines Gourmandises, de délicieux (...)

Cette charmante chocolaterie est située au 3060, rue Notre-Dame Suite )



The Legend of the Devil’s Well

The story takes place at the Forges du Saint-Maurice. The ironmaster’s daughter fell in love with a boy from the village. One stormy night, she called on the Devil to ask for a favour: “I want the man I love to fall in love with me.” The Devil replied, “Request granted! But you have to give me free access to your house.” No problem! The young girl took the key to the house and threw it into the Saint-Maurice. At that moment, flames appeared and the Devil’s hand grabbed the key. To hide his passing, he left a puddle of water behind that remains to this day. If anyone comes near this puddle with a flame, it catches fire.

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