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2014-04-23, 16:22:52

Les 10 plus beaux terrains de camping du Parc national de la Mauricie (...)

Quels sont les meilleurs emplacements pour le camping au Parc Suite )

Sites & attractions - Seasonal



Sites & attractions - Seasonal

Sites & attractions - Seasonal - 34 results

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Aire Nature Grandes-Piles (Réserve de biodiversité Lac Clair)

Nature lovers, discover an oasis of peace and tranquility in the heart of a protected area, near the majestic Saint-Maurice River. Activities for soft adventure enthusiasts include canoeing, kayaking, free-diving, hiking and geocaching; they can even reach the National Trail....Next )

Sectors activities : Canoeing and kayaking  -  Hiking  -  Parks  -  Sites & attractions - Seasonal

Sourires garantis  Pulsion plein air  Bain de nature  

Arbre en Arbre (Parc De L'île Melville)

Come and experience D’Arbre en Arbre, an out-of-the-ordinary family activity, at Parc de l’île Melville. There are four circuits: Grand parcours (Big Circuit), Parcours jeunes aventuriers (Young Adventurers), Petits écureuils (Little Squirrels) and the zip-line circuit....Next )

Sectors activities : Aerial tree courses  -  Family Activities  -  Nature and outdoor activities  -  Sites & attractions - Seasonal

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Bouillon de culture

Bouillon de culture www.bouillondeculture.comThree Centuries of Adventure and Culture reveals its new programming with BOUILLON DE CULTURE! (cultural broth). Inspired by the energy of La rivière du Loup, the shows are presented in an outdoor setting on the site of l’Auberge...Next )

Sectors activities : Itinéraire recommandé - Route des rivières  -  Cultural experience  -  Entertainment  -  Shows

Sourires garantis  Bain de nature  

Camping Lac et Forêt

Discover the camping Lac et Forêt, a truly enchanting holiday spot. Its panoramic view and access to Lac Croche and the forest make it a destination of choice in summer. The wave pool is open to campers and visitors. Enjoy the pleasures of the ocean at a price affordable for...Next )

Sectors activities : Campings  -  Family Activities  -  Lodging  -  Sites & attractions - Seasonal

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Centre de glisse Vallée du Parc

Located in the Grand-Mère area, Vallée du Parc is the family sliding centre with the highest vertical drop in the Mauricie. Skiers and snowboarders will be happy to learn that the Centre will continue to make improvements throughout the coming year. Now with a quad chair as...Next )

Sectors activities : Sites & attractions - Seasonal  -  Ski resorts  -  Wintertime activities  -  

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Complexe Récréotouristique Camping H2O

New in the Mauricie! The Complexe récréotouristique H2o de Trois-Rivières offers a whole new experience. Heated wave pool, water slides, three-service camping and three go-kart trails. Take on the biggest waves in Québec. Season's pass available. Come relax on your own or...Next )

Sectors activities : Family Activities  -  Public beaches  -  Sites & attractions - Seasonal  -  

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Divins Détours

Divins Détours reveals the hidden treasures of the city of Shawinigan, with an overview of its rich history and exclusive visits to four distinct churches. THERE’S MUCH MORE! Take advantage of some of the detours we recommend and delight in a multi-facetted and divine...Next )

Sectors activities : Churches, shrine and religious tourism  -  City tours  -  Cultural & experience tourism  -  Sites & attractions - Seasonal

Pied citadin  Balades et trouvailles  Bain de nature  

Domaine seigneurial Sainte-Anne

During its three centuries of history, the estate was home to three famous figures from Québec’s past. These costumed characters recount to visitors the events of their lives. Meet the fiery Madeleine de Verchères, seigneuresse (lord’s wife) of Sainte-Anne from 1706 to...Next )

Sectors activities : Chemin du Roy  -  Motorbike  -  Sites & attractions - Seasonal  -  

Balades et trouvailles  Bain de nature  

Duché de Bicolline

August 10 to 17 2014Duché de BicollineSaint-Mathieu-du-Parc819 532-1074 / 819 532-1755 / www.bicolline.orgCome take part in the biggest fantasy medieval gathering in North America and experience the thrills of life & war in the Middle Ages! During 7 days, thousands of...Next )

Sector activities : Sites & attractions - Seasonal  -  

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Karting Trois-Rivières

It’s all happening here, summer and winter. Rentals for individuals or groups. Four karting circuits (including three in summer): one for 8-12 years, one for 12 and over, one for 18 and over, and one on ice.Group must be of ten persons or more to reserve a circuit, with option...Next )

Sectors activities : Entertainment  -  Family Activities  -  Sites & attractions - Seasonal  -  

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